“Thank you so much for two very good meetings. I was very impressed that you were able to give me concrete and easily implementable tools already after our first meeting - and they worked!!! It was fantastic and it has given me a lot both professionally as well as privately why I give you my very best recommendation.” 


Janet Fransen June 19, 2009

“Thomas has a tremendous huge knowledge about high performance thinking and acting. He learned from the best and have developed some very new ways to deal with coaching situations that I, as a professional and certified coach, find very interesting. I want to learn more from him. 


Jens Rottbøll September 2, 2009

“Thomas is as a very skilled and enthusiastic business coach being very result oriented. He is quick in detecting “key-points” to work with and helped me in the best possible way, why knowing him always make me calm. I give him and his personal coaching my very best recommendations. 

Lene Bisgaard March 13, 2010

“I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas and one of the innovative mental tools developed by him, Powermind. A run through of the winning strategies of the great minds of the 20th century. Mindblowing - and it works!” 

Helle Kirkegaard June 10, 2009