TimeToPerform® Onboarding 30% faster.


  • Reduce the cost of top-level onboarding by 30 percent.
  • Faster, cheaper, easier executive onboarding.
  • Maximize job performance and avoid failure.
  • Proven effective with executives from the world's largest companies.


Bring your new personnel up to speed as fast as possible with TimeToPerform. New employee training is expensive, in terms of both time and effort, especially with regard to top-level positions. The TimeToPerform program cleans up and speeds up the onboarding process, resulting in better, more efficient job performance, faster. Developed by Danish psychologist Thomas Bon, TimeToPerform has been shown to reduce executive onboarding time by as much as 30 percent in real-world situations with top companies. Beginning with individual performance consultations, the system directs a focus toward current challenges facing new employees in your company. The system allows for flexibility as well, quickly adapting to meet needs and issues as they arise. Wherever you are in the onboarding process, TimeToPerform can help you right now.

TimeToPerform® Keep The Change.


  • Logical next step toward helping executives top perform.
  • Maintain and improve personal tools gained with TimeToPerform.
  • Periodic follow-ups based on established psychological techniques.
  • Cement and expand the performance of high-level personnel.


With TimeToPerform, new executives can rapidly develop the tools they need to succeed with your organization. Even when several important personal changes have been implemented, that is, their maintenance typically requires only periodic review. A single discussion every one or two months can help to ensure that benefits are made permanent. With that in mind, Danish psychologist Thomas Bon has developed Keep The Change, a series of follow-ups focused on keeping and improving the personal tools gained via the TimeToPerform program. Keep the Change includes clear post-program advice and consultations at intervals, with the goals of maintaining and expanding the performance of high-level personnel. Keep The Change is logical the next step toward getting the most out of your new executives.


TimeToPerform® 360 Degrees.


  • Team stage of the TimeToPerform program.
  • Discover the ideal management style for each member of your team.
  • Help team members top perform; keep them top-performing.
  • Innovative and effective growth based on established psychology.


Now every employee in your organization can benefit from TimeToPerform. Danish psychologist Thomas Bon has developed TimeToPerform 360, a qualitative evaluation program designed to get the most out of teams of employees as well as their managers. By collecting information from several organizational levels, TTP 360 can improve not only the manager's performance, but the performance of each team member as well. It's a two-step process, with the first step focused on collecting information and the second step focused on the development of the manager's relationship with the team. Information gathered from team members is used to optimize the manager's TimeToPerform analysis. Managers are briefed on team member's individual needs so they can perform their best, now and in the future.